Christine Granville - Inspirowane historią agentki Krystyny Skarbek

Apple skin straps!

Christine Granville vegan collection - this is a collection of straps made entirely of apple waste. This season bet on a 100% eco product!

Match your watch with your mood or occasion

Play with colors, textures and lengths of our straps. A special built-in mechanism allows their easy exchange. Become the creator of your dream watch.

Timeless classics in the highest quality of materials

Japanese Miyota mechanism, sapphire glass in the dial’s casing, leather and vegan straps, the bracelet made of 316L stainless steel.

The history of the brand

Watches inspired by a secret agent

Krystyna Skarbek - a strong, independent and brave woman who was not afraid to take risks.

Media about us

Media about us

Check out what the biggest magazines in Poland are writing about us!

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  • 100% brand new & authentic watch
  • We supporting the development of women
  • 2 years warranty

Christine Granville watches: developed in the tiniest detail!

The dial and bracelets are made of 316L stainless steel. Its heart is a precise Japanese Miyota movement. Its durability is guaranteed by the use of sapphire glass in the dial’s casing. The watch design can be easily changed, choosing between three colors of the dial and different models of leather and vegan straps which can be replaced!

You’re wondering how to change our straps? It’s easy!

Each strap is equipped with a metal telescope. You need to undo the strap by moving the telescope to one side. Choose a new strap, put the end of the telescope next to the dial so that its protruding part fits the entrance where the fastening is located, move the movement and put in the other end of the strap. The straps can be replaced in an easy and fast way. This option allows the creation of a perfect watch for any occasion!

For a good cause

With your power we empower

Our mission is to support exceptional women from all around the world. We donate part of profits to foundation supporting the development of women, which supports women from all around the world.

Our mission

Heritage is a commitment

The legacy of Christine Granville

By buying our watches, you help to preserve a great inheritance. Inspire yourself with the story of Christine Granville and create your own story.

About Christine