Christine Granville - Inspirowane historią agentki Krystyny Skarbek

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Changing the world is the right job for every woman

Have you ever looked at your wrist thinking that you’re helping to change the world? It’s high time.

How to change the straps?

zegarki christine granville

The history of the brand

From Krystyna Skarbek to Christine Granville

Krystyna Skarbek wasn’t afraid of risking her life
to change the world for the better.

For a good cause

You have the power
to give strength to others

We donate part of the profits from the sale of each watch to the foundation supporting women in business

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  • 100% brand new & authentic tank watch
  • We supporting the development of women
  • 2 years warranty

For a good cause

With your power we empower

Our mission is to support exceptional women from all around the world. We donate part of profits to foundation supporting the development of women, which supports women from all around the world.

Our mission

Heritage is a commitment

The legacy of Christine Granville

By buying our watches, you help to preserve a great inheritance. Inspire yourself with the story of Christine Granville and create your own story.

About Christine