Terms and Conditions – Christine Granville


§ 1
Scope of application

1. These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively between Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz, address: Radzymińska 22/54, 15-863 Białystok, Poland, NIP 5422594125, REGON 052195960, entered into the register of entrepreneurs under the CEDG number 5422594125, (further referred to as “AB GROUP”) and buyers who place their orders to buy AB GROUP branded products through AB GROUP dedicated website: www.christinegranville.com.

2. Any terms or conditions that are different than these Terms and Conditions do not apply unless AB GROUP expressly agrees in writing.

§ 2

1. Displaying AB GROUP branded products on its dedicated website represents merely a non-binding invitation to treat as opposed to a legally binding offer as both the range and availability of AB GROUP branded products may vary from time to time.

2. By clicking on the ‘order and pay’ button you place a binding commercial order for the AB GROUP branded products contained in the virtual basket. Receipt and acceptance of such order is confirmed immediately in the form of return automated email. The contract to buy AB GROUP branded products is entered into and becomes binding no earlier than upon your receipt of that confirmation email.

3. Pursuant to the contract, AB GROUP undertakes to sell and deliver the brand new and free from any defects, AB GROUP product(s) as were ordered by you in exchange for your payment of an agreed price and related shipment costs as accepted under your commercial order.

§ 3
Cancellation right

1. You are entitled to cancel a contract to buy AB GROUP branded products without any particular reasons solely upon your own discretion provided, however, that you may exercise such right by not later than fourteen (14) days immediately following your receipt of the ordered AB GROUP branded products.

2. In order to exercise your right to cancel a contract you must inform us on such your decision by email or letter in the form specified in Appendix 1 to these General Terms and Conditions. Depending how you decide to communicate us your decision, your communication should be sent to either our dedicated email address: info@christinegranville.com or to our client support center at the following mailing address: “AB GROUP, ul. Radzyminska 22/54, 15-863 Białystok, Poland.

3. To avoid doubts, in no event any your cancellation decision will be accepted if it is dispatched by you after the abovementioned fourteen (14) days deadline. You may, however, always confirm our successful receipt of your cancellation decision by contacting AB GROUP client support center: +48 519 567 557, operated 9.00-17.00 CET, Monday-Friday, except statutory holidays in Poland. Please note that contacting our call center is solely for information and inquiry purposes and will not be sufficient to effectively cancel a sale contract as such cancellation, pursuant to the preceding paragraph, has to always be made in your email or letter declaration.
4. Unless otherwise specifically agreed between you and AB GROUP, you have no right to cancel a contract unilaterally in the event the contract relates to sale and purchase of AB GROUP personalized products as specifically requested in your commercial order.

§ 4
Consequences of cancellation

1. Whenever you cancel a contract to buy AB GROUP branded product(s) we will return payment received from you in its entirety. Shipment costs will, however, be deducted but only if your commercial offer requested an upgraded shipment option in relation to the cheapest available shipment option as offered AB GROUP.

2. Any payment subject to such return upon your cancellation will be paid back by no later than fourteen (14) days of the day on which your cancellation decision was received. In any event, AB GROUP may withhold such return until the product is sent back in its not worsened condition.

3. You are to return the cancelled product to AB GROUP at ul. Radzyminska 22/54, 15-863 Białystok, Poland, by not later than fourteen (14) days of the day on which you notified us on contract cancellation. The deadline is deemed met if the product is dispatched prior to such stipulated deadline.

4. In the event you chose to cancel your contract you should bear all costs of return shipment and remain liable for any product’s loss or defect while in shipment. This principle does not applies, however, to situations where you return defective product(s) sold. In the latter case AB GROUP is to bear all related shipment costs within its warranty obligations.

§ 5

1. AB GROUP branded products will be shipped to you only following receipt of a purchase price. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is ex AB GROUP warehouse to the delivery address provided in your commercial order.

2. All information relating to product’s availability on stock or shipping terms as set forth on the CHRISTINE GRANVILLE website are merely estimates and does not bind AB GROUP in any way, whatsoever, until confirmed in the contract.

3. AB GROUP has the right to cancel and step out from a contract in the event it is unable to deliver the ordered product for reasons beyond its control provided you are notified on such cancellation without delay but in any circumstances by not later than 7 (seven) days following your commercial order is confirmed.

§ 6
Personalized products

1. CHRISTINE GRANVILLE branded product(s) will be personalized upon your demand only as specified in your commercial order.

2. AB GROUP has the right to refuse your specific requests if it determines, in its sole discretion, that such personalization may violate applicable legal regulations, any third parties’ rights or is inappropriate due to any other circumstances. In any event, you agree to release and keep AB GROUP harmless against any penalties, damages and claims, whatsoever, that may arise out or are otherwise related to any personalization performed on your request.
3. Any rights to cancel the contract or return do not apply to AB GROUP personalized products except the products which were sold defective and subject to AB GROUP warranty obligations.

§ 7
Prices and shipping costs

1. All prevailing price lists and shipment charges are available on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website: www.christinegranville.com.

2. AB GROUP is free to change any price list or shipment charges at any time provided such change shall in no event affect existing sale contracts pending delivery. All product prices include applicable VAT.

§ 8

AB GROUP accepts payments by credit card or wire transfer supported by PayPal online money transfer services. Any wire transfer payments should be made into sellers account number as indicated on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website.

§ 9
Product warranty

1. Due to different hardware and software, photographs of offered AB GROUP branded products may slightly differ from original product colors. Therefore, though AB GROUP makes every effort to ensure coloristic features of the displayed products are equal to originals, we recommend you rather rely on written descriptions provided for purposes of your commercial offer.

2. AB GROUP guarantees that any delivered product is free from any physical and legal defects and complies with related product description and features as specified on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website. AB GROUP product warranty extends to two (2) years following delivery. To avoid doubts AB GROUP warranty does not extend to any ordinary wear and tear of the product.

3. Whenever you discover, within the said warranty period, that the delivered AB GROUP product misses its guaranteed features, is technically broken or is otherwise unfit for use, reasonably comparing it to the product description that was made available on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website when placing related commercial offer, you should immediately return such defective product and communicate us your justified reasons that you wish to use your warranty rights and AB GROUP will be obliged, upon your request, to either refund you with all product costs or, if the product is till in the offer, to replace such product with a brand new product free such defects. AB GROUP bears shipment costs of return of products subject to warranty as well as costs of replacement delivery (if any) as specified on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website.

4. You should direct any notification on defects by email or a letter to AB GROUP email address: info@christinegranville.com or to our client support center at the following mailing address: “AB GROUP, Radzymińska 22/54, 15-863 Białystok, Poland. You should provide us with all information as specified in Appendix 2 to these General Terms and Conditions when sending us your notification. All returns of defective product shall be directed to the following mailing address: “AB GROUP, Radzymińska 22/54, 15-863 Białystok, Poland.

5. Ab GROUP is to respond any defective product notification without delay but in any event by not later than thirty (30) days following notification receipt.

6. To avoid doubts, any rights or entitlements attributable to AB GROUP product quality obligations are solely for your personal favor and may not be assigned to any third parties contractually or otherwise save where related claims were confirmed by AB GROUP or, in case of dispute, adjudicated by the court of applicable jurisdiction.

§ 10
Personal data processing

Detailed information on processing your personal data and your related rights form Appendix 3 to these General Terms and Conditions.

§ 11
Final Provisions

1. Whenever gift vouchers are redeemed in products, such will not be disbursed or otherwise exchanged into cash. AB GROUP may, at its sole discretion, exchange, from time to time, such gift vouchers as a gesture of goodwill in occasional circumstances whenever it thinks it appropriate. There is, however, no legal entitlement to cash gift vouchers.

2. We reserve the right to change the present Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended and restated Terms and Conditions become applicable by their publication on CHRISTINE GRANVILLE dedicated website: www.christinegranville.com and will apply to any subsequent commercial orders submitted following such publication.

3. Any disputes arising out of any contracts for sale and delivery of AB GROUP branded products are subject to general jurisdiction of common courts in Poland.

4. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply from 1 December 2019.