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Vegan straps

Stylish, eco-friendly and practical. Apple skin straps is a conscious choice of responsible lifestyle, a broader view of the world, environment protection and global warming. By choosing apple straps, we follow the zero waste idea as leftover fruit is used in their production.

  • 100% brand new & authentic watch
  • We supporting the development of women
  • 2 years warranty

Eco-style fashionable watches

The main ingredient of „apple skin”, as the name suggests, is apple leftovers which, at the peak of the season, are as big as 500 tons every 24 hours. The whole process of material production involves its processing. Leather made in such a process is biodegradable and free of harmful substances and, above all, is eco – if it were not for the processing, the leftovers would have been destroyed and that would involve costs and harm to the environment.

Vegan straps are delicate and comparable to natural leather both when it comes to appearance and functionality. It’s a perfect alternative for those who appreciate ecological and innovative solutions and pay attention to the composition and the quality of the fabric which the product is made of.

Vegan straps for special purposes

We often forget that it’s little things that change the world. If we want to be more eco, we can start by buying more consciously and responsibly. The confirmation of these resolutions will surely be the choice of vegan watch straps. Our vegan watch straps are covered with 2-year warranty and are available in four colors:

  • red,
  • white,
  • blue,
  • yellow.

Beautiful colors make a perfect match with Christine Granville dials. Such a colorful complement will highlight any outfit, giving it expression.

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