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The inspiration to create the brand of Christine Granville watches was the story of a Polish agent of British Intelligence – Krystyna Skarbek – a strong, incredibly intelligent and extraordinarily brave woman. She was one of those heroines who change the course of history.It was her personality and temperament that laid the foundation of the Christine Granville brand which strongly supports women and encourages them to take action.

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Christine Granville women’s watches

 Every strong woman will find something for herself in our collection of classic watches. They can be characterized, above all, by unique design and remarkable quality. Women’s watches on a strap available in our offer can be a beautiful decoration of a female wrist and will be a perfect complement of any business outfit.

Watches inspired by the story of Krystyna Skarbek –  get inspired as well!

 The story of our strap is inspired by a Polish agent of British secret service – Krystyna Skarbek. She was a favorite agent of Churchill, a strong and tough woman.

Classic women’s watches from our offer show perfectly how much we were inspired by the story of Krystyna – the logo alludes to Skarbek’s coat of arms and each watch has her passport number on its dial.

Get to know the story of Christine Granville, get inspired and buy a fashionable women’s watch available in our offer. A wide choice of dials and bands, as well as the possibility of customizing the watch allow every strong woman to find a perfect watch for herself.

 Fashionable Christine Granville women’s watches – perfect for business look

Elegant women’s watches which you can find in our online store can be easily matched with any business look. They will look stylish both with pants and a dress. Every woman likes to feel attractive and elegant, especially during business meetings so a well matched Christine Granville watch will live up to the expectations of even a most demanding businesswoman.

Regardless of whether you career is already developing or you’ve just had your first days as a woman of business, a Christine Granville classic women’s watch on a strap is exactly what you need.

Beautiful, elegant, functional – this is what fashionable women’s watches on our website are like. Made of high quality materials, with attention to tiny detail. Choose. A perfect model. For yourself right away!

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