The world needs exceptional women

We are not just another watch brand. We have one purpose only. And that is to empower women all over the world to make it a better place. Simply because the world needs more women like Christine Granville. And like you.

Our mission is to support women in business

For each purchase we donate 2€ to the Women's Entrepreneurship Network which promotes an idea of entrepreneurship among women and supports their businesses development. The foundation leads projects to support young women in entering the labor market and running their own companies.

The legacy of Christine Granville

We named our brand after one of the strongest women in history. It is a great honour, but also a great commitment to emulate a woman who was not afraid to take control of her life and destiny.

The first Bond girl ever

Christine Granville, real name Krystyna Skarbek, was probably the very first Bond girl. She served as the model for Vesper Lynd in the first of Ian Fleming's James Bond books, Casino Royale. Find out more about her life here.

Changing the world second by second

Our watches are true originals. The simple design is inspired by 1920s and 30s fashion. Inside you will find precise Japanese movement, while the watch face is covered with sapphire glass. The typical tank shape and customizable straps are what makes our watches one of a kind.

So, what kind of a woman are you?

Now your watch can say more about you than your clothes or car. Your watch is a symbol of your willpower and confidence. Create yourself, like Krystyna Skarbek and other legendary women.