Recommendations – Christine Granville

Outstanding quality, elegance and remarkable story combined in this watch which you can remodel according to your mood, clothes or the place you are at. Love the double band and its colours. You can have fun creating yourself with Christine Granville brand and feel like a comteporary heroin ❤️❤️❤️

An amazing watch with a great message ❤️. And what’s best are its replaceable straps which we can adapt the color to fit our mood, outfit, weather, to each their own. And if you care about the environment, the straps made of apple skin are a home run!

I am a happy owner of the Christine Granville watch ????. It’s a unique watch which fascinated me at the first sight ????. Its color diversity amazes and the straps made of apple skin make it exceptional. Not only does the straps remind us of the great Pole Krystyna Skarbek, but also supports contemporary women by donating a part of its profits from the sale of the watches to the foundation.

As a client I strongly appreciate quality, attention to detail and beauty, that’s why my choice was @christinegranville. Moreover, when the brand founder told me about the great story behind it, I not only wanted but desired to wear such a watch on my wrist. The inspiration of the brand was the history of a Polish agent of British Intelligence Krystyna Skarbek. And what is inspiring for me is the fact that every time I look at it I know that now it’s my time.

I had been looking for a perfect watch for long and then I came across the brand @christinegranville. Minimalist design, meticulously made and with a wonderful history in the background. The inspiration for the brand was the story of a Polish agent of the British Intelligence - Krystyna Skarbek. I appreciate such products very much, products which, apart from their beautiful appearance, share a fascinating story.

A unique watch, different from the ones available on the market in this price. Rectangular, classic dial, replaceable straps, exceptional quality and a remarkable story. This is how I can describe my Christine Granville watch. Love it!

Subtle, feminine but also elegant and stylish, easy change of straps whose range of choice is really interesting and allows you to match them with different „sport, work, party” outfits.

I loved this watch the moment I saw it. Apart from a fascinating story of Krystyna Skarbek in the background, I was surprised by the quality of the product which you can buy for a very good price. I’m really content with the purchase!

I love this watch, it’s a premium product, but reasonably priced. I give a big plus for customer service as well: they helped me to get my watch delivered quickly. It’s great to be a part of Christine Granville community.

Christine Granville is a real classic among watches. It has a minimalist design and on top of that it’s meticulously made. What’s more, a percent from the sales is donated to the foundation supporting women. A beautiful product and idea. Strongly recommend.

A Christine Granville watch was a birthday gift from my husband. The watch was beautifully wrapped in an elegant box, and the product itself is top quality. I know now that I’ll surely buy an additional straps in a different color.

I had been looking for a perfect watch for a long time. I had already tried different brands and for now this one is a home run. I have a small hand and it doesn’t overwhelm it, it’s elegant and timeless. I chose the one in a classic black color. I appreciate brands which have a story behind - an inspiration for creating this brand was the story of a Polish secret agent of British Intelligence - Krystyna Skarbek. Such products deserve our attention.