Bands of apple leather – eco gallantry

Thanks to an increasing love for vegan products and growing sense of responsibility for the environment, in accordance with the eco idea not only groceries, clothes or cosmetics are produced, but also the gallantry. For instance watches, and, to be precise, bands, which are made of apples.

Modern fashion is becoming responsible fashion, made without harm to environment. Clothes and vegan accessories are consistent with this trend as they are made of other materials, not the ones of animal origin. Instead of wool, leather or silk, plant substitutes are being used more frequently such as apple or pineapple leather. The very apple leather watch bands are Christine Granville brand’s idea.

Apple leather bands – what does it involve?

According to the data presented during Prognosfruit conference this year, apple harvesting in Poland in 2020 will account for 3.4 million tons. At the same time, around 90% apple waste is pomace, including fruit skin. There is a way to give them a second life.

During production process, apple skin is mixed with resin-based substances. Next, the dough is shaped, dried and conserved. It turns out that thanks to such a process a leather-like material is made. Delicate and sensuous, which does not distort. Vegan apple bands are durable, resistant to damage and, above all, recyclable. It means that after use the material can be reused to produce other products. Moreover, apple bands are 100% biodegradable. The ratio is thus simple – the waste which would have to be utilized, can be reprocessed numerous times. With no harm to the environment.

Timeless classic in a vegan style

Apple bands are, on one hand, an alternative for people who see eco products, but on the other hand, who care about the quality and the design. Gallantry in veggie style combines these expectations. Christine Granville watches with vegan bands are, on one hand, modernity and meeting new trends, and on the other timeless classic closed in a rectangular dial with sapphire glass casing.

Such a watch is not only functional but also complements an elegant dress or is an addition to a business look. It can also be a perfect accessory in a casual stylization.

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