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Women’s watches with a rectangular dial by Christine Granville – a fashionable piece of accessory for any woman

Our watches are a synonym of quality. They are manufactured with the use of the best materials, which makes them useful and look incredibly for long years. Sapphire glass prevents the dial’s case from scratches, and 316L stainless steel used for the production of, among others, bracelets ensures durability and adds an elegant touch.

Let’s not forget about the Japanese Miyota movement which constitutes the basis of precise work of the watches in the offer of our store. Such features combined with rich assortment, which allows every woman to choose something for herself, make our brand stand out.

Women’s watches with a rectangular dial – timeless classics

Models of Christine Granville watches are classics which harmonize with the rhythm of the contemporary world. Timeless design will meet the expectations of even the most demanding women who are not afraid of pursuing their dreams. No wonder that our watches have gained recognition among the women of business.

The inspiration to create such stylish and resistant to mechanical damage products was a story of a Polish secret agent, Krystyna Skarbek. We even inserted her passport number as an expression of respect to this exceptional person. In turn, the appearance of our logo refers to her family coat of arms. Such solutions are supposed to symbolize women’s strength which we want to reinforce in different circles.

Women’s rectangular watches on a strap

A rectangular watch on a strap are not only a stylish decoration of the wrist, but also quite a big variety which allows women to change depending on the occasion.

What is a huge advantage is the possibility to change the strap, which allows you not only to change the look of the watch easily, but also to take care of the well-chosen range of accessories. Regardless of whether you plan a business meeting or a less official meeting with friends, you can adjust your watch to any occasion.

Our rectangular women’s watches are equipped with high quality straps which are made of:

  • Genuine Italian leather (the guarantee the comfort of wearing, are durable, have two lengths and the width of 16mm, are available in different color options, among others: black, brown, orange, blue and pink),
  • Apple skin (so-called vegan straps made according to the “zero waste” movement; are available in four color options – red, blue, white and yellow).

Women’s watches on a rectangular bracelet

A slightly more elegant touch of your outfit can be brought out by our women’s watches on a bracelet. They are made of stainless steel, which guarantees their durability and an elegant appearance. These products are available in three options: with a white, black or a blue dial. Thanks to such a wide choice, even such a classic piece of accessory can be fully adapted to your needs.


High quality

We sell watches of high quality parameters. They are made of best time-proof materials, which makes them eye-pleasing for years. Bracelets and watches’ dials are made of high-quality stainless steel which is a much appreciated material in the production of the best accessories. Moreover, we use precise Japanese movements in our watches, which guarantee proper functioning of our products.

Durability of our products

Watches sold in our store are products of high durability. They are resistant not only to mechanical factors, but also to environmental conditions such as increased humidity or sunlight. Because of such a wide range of qualities, one of our watches as a gift for your wife will prove to be a perfect solution. The recipient will be delighted by the high quality of the product and they can rely on its unchanged form for its lifetime. There is high-quality sapphire glass in the dial’s casing which is resistant to mechanical damage.

Watches’ appearance

Our watches look adorable on a woman’s wrist, so they prove to be a perfect idea for a gift. The watch as a gift for your wife can easily be adapted to her individual needs and preferences because we have three colors of the dials in our offer, as well as different options of matching straps. Thanks to this wide range of choice you can make a perfect gift for your loved one and be sure she will be in awe. The watch can be a present for different occasions, such as, for instance:

  • birthday,
  • name’s day,
  • child’s birth,
  • wedding anniversary,
  • holidays.

Models’ style

Watches which will prove to be a perfect gift for your wife can be characterized by distinctive style. In our store you can find watches which have a classic design and match different outfits perfectly. They’ll prove to be a perfect decoration of an elegant look, as well as a modern one. Thanks to different color options you can change the look of the watch depending on your current taste and mood, which will make it look good at any time.

Watches which are offered by manufacturers differ in terms of movements, functions, purpose and appearance. There is yet another interesting aspect which may affect the decision. Often enough do we wonder which watch to choose – on a strap or a bracelet? And indeed this issue doesn’t seem easy to resolve.

Which watch is better – on the strap or the bracelet?

In this case the decision depends on individual preferences. It’s worth knowing, however, that both types of fastening have their strong points. Christine Granville watches, both with the classic strap, vegan strap and on the bracelet, are eye-catching thanks to their perfect proportions, classic design and varied colors. Each of them can be worn in many ways and for different occasions.

Women’s watch on the strap

It’s worth mentioning that when old watches with a watch-chain (hidden in special pockets in vests) started to be replaced by wristwatches, it was straps that were the very first type of fastening the watch on the wrist. Women’s watches on the strap blend in well with the office dress code. It’s classic elegance, without needless extravagance.

Christine Granville has a wide range of straps – available in many colors and patterns, made of both natural and vegan leather (made of apple skin). They are easy to change, depending on the mood or outfit, which can change the appearance of the watch completely.

Women’s watch on the bracelet

Watches on the bracelet have many advantages as well. Fastening is usually bigger and heavier, but at the same time more durable than on the strap. If you’re wondering whether to invest in a watch on the strap or the bracelet, and you’re leaning toward the latter, you should know that watches on the metal bracelet are usually worn with more casual clothes. Moreover, if a watch is waterproof, we can easily take a shower with it or do some water sports. Women’s watch with the bracelet will be a good choice in glamour outfits too.

Christine Granville brand bet on bracelets made of solidly joined segments of 316 L stainless steel.

Red, brown, dark blue shades and black are the colors which are predominant when the weather changes dramatically. While collecting fall-winter garments, it’s worth remembering about elements of decoration which are responsible for enriching any outfit. Watches with replaceable straps are a perfect option for persons who like changes. Christine Granville’s offer is dedicated to the needs of clients who can assemble their own watch according to their individual needs. A wide range of different shades of straps allows easy matching with the occasion or a season! Therefore, straps of typically bright summer shades can be replaced by more toned colors.

In the case of Christine Granville watches, the change of the strap is a piece of cake: you just need to use a metal telescope located in the strap and fit it into the dial of the watch. Just one „click” and you can enjoy a new color of your watch!

Choose a watch in your favorite fall color and if you already have one, you can buy just a strap: www.christinegranville.com

A brief history of the first watch CG

The proposition was to create a solid and practical watch, but at the same time a beautiful  one in its classic form that refers to the best, French watchmaking traditions from the interwar period. A rectangular shape makes the watchcase integrate smoothly with the line of the strap. This shape is practical, as well, looks pretty on the wrist and does not catch on a shirtcuff of an outfit with any protrusive elements. If you look at the watch from the side, you can notice clearly the watchcase line bent into an arc, whose shape fits perfectly the wrist, making up together with a bracelet a cohesive, closed form. The back of the watchcase is decorated with an engraved logo and a serial number of the watch. The heart of Christine Granville watches is made of top quality quartz movement made by a Japanese manufacturer. The front of the watch is closed by a highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Construction of the watch – interesting facts

The case was made of top quality stainless steel and its parallel lines are extended by a classic bracelet made of rectangular chain links, equipped with an automatic clasp. The alternative for a bracelet can be a classic strap available in a broad range of colors, made of natural leather or vegan made of processed apple skin. The latter is a 100% vegan product, made of Italian manufacturer’s fabric which is sourced in the fruit processing. On the inside of the straps there is a name of the brand. The straps are equipped with a buckle decorated with an engraved logo.

A rectangular metal dial is available in 3 colors: white, black and dark blue. It’s covered with convex, white or silver enameled numerals with a classic cut. The hands of the watch have a simple shape and are also available in 2 colors. The numerals are complemented with delicate minute markers, and the whole is decorated with the name of the brand and a mysterious number. It’s a secret ID number given to Krystyna Skarbek as she began performing her service for M16. Another historical zest is located on the back of the case, that is the coordinates of longitude and latitude determining her headquarters in Cairo – the city where she met Ian Fleming, the author of 007 agent novels, for the first time. She was his inspiration for creating Vesper Lynd from the fist novel about James Bond.

Timeless watch by Christine Granville

The design of Christine Granville watches is thus an optimal combination of multiple factors which make up a unique product. It’s a timeless, classic watchcase shape, whose forefathers in the 20. of the XX century looked for inspirations in heavy, military equipment. It’s also refined details and logo which give the watches their character and communicate the historical philosophy of the brand. All of these features, combined with high quality materials and clear, well-thought colors, give the watches their unique value which is made up of the beauty of jewelry and the functionality of a solid piece of accessory.

Purchasing a watch – what is relevant

A watch, especially a women’s one, is a complement of individual style, therefore it needs to meet woman’s taste. However, looks are not everything. Its size is of high importance – the size should match the physique of a woman. Too big a watch will not look nice on a small wrist. In turn, too small will be invisible on a bigger hand. A strap is equally important and needs to be durable and comfortable. Simple adjustment and flexibility make the watch pleasant to wear. There are a lot of types of straps available on the market and they’re made of different materials. The ones which work well are:

  • leather straps,
  • metal bracelets,
  • vegan apple straps.

Leather details are pleasant to the touch, fit the wrist perfectly and look very elegant. Christine Granville brand has straps in two lengths. What is particularly interesting is the version which doubly entangles women’s wrist, which looks like a piece of jewelry. Metal bracelets are practical and durable, and fit any outfit.

An innovative alternative can be a vegan strap made of apples which resembles leather in touch. Vegan details are extremely durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and can be reprocessed.

Christine Granville straps are available in many colors. From classic black, through elegant dark blue, juicy red, to soft pastels. It’s very easy to replace the strap, thanks to which you can change the look of your watch in the blink of an eye.

Reliable movement for years

The movement of the watch is of key importance. It’s its heart – and is in charge of precise time-keeping. Currently, on the market you can find the following watches:

  • mechanical with manual, automatic and solar tension
  • quartz

Mechanical ones relate to watchmaking but require winding or permanent wearing. Watches with quartz movement are powered by a battery which lasts for a couple of years. Christine Granville watches are equipped with reliable Japanese Miyota movement of high precision and extraordinary durability.

Purchasing a watch which will stand the test of time.

While considering purchasing a watch, it’s worth taking a closer look at the case and the glass of the dial. Their durability is hidden in the materials used. Experts underline that it’s important not to invest in models which are, for instance, silvered or gold-plated, as such a coating will, sooner or later, wear off. It’s better to choose, for example, a steel case which is extremely durable. Another element is the glass of the dial which can be:

  • sapphire,
  • synthetic,
  • mineral.

The most durable and scratch-resistant is sapphire glass.

Another important factor is water resistance as it allows prolonging the lifespan of the watch. It doesn’t have to be taken off while washing your hands and while taking a batch. Elegant Christine Granville women’s watches are 10 meters waterproof.

For a lot of people purchasing a watch is an important issue. There are a lot of models available on the market, so it can be hard to choose one. Apart from appearances and the quality, a significant factor is the warranty on the watch which normally is minimum 2 years. It’s worth asking about the battery life which should also last at least 24 months.

While purchasing your watch, it’s important to take into consideration all aspects mentioned above, as the purchase of a watch is an investment for years.

Christine Granville brand has been awarded a Leader of best quality women’s watches prize in Polish Businesswomen Awards’ competition organized by Business Woman&Life magazine. Each year the editorial office awards brands, personalities and enterprises for accomplishments and successes, activity to date and promotion of female power, perseverance and creativity.

Polish Businesswomen Awards gala, organized by Businesswoman&Life magazine took place for the 13th time and selected over 500 winners, enterpreneurs, brands and institutions from all over Poland who are leaders in their industries, and Businesswoman&Life magazine, throughout their 11 years of activity, have published thousands of interviews with interesting personalities from the world of business and show business.

Out of numerously sent nominations, the magazine’s editorial office along with the jury of the competition have awarded the best enterpreneurs who comply with the rules of ethics, care about environment and employees. The winners were chosen in a couple of categories, among others: the success of the brand, beauty, health, law, finance, fashion. The winners of Polish Business Awards are not only people from business world but also celebrities who break stereotypes and with their attitude promote taking action.

In previous editions the award winners in Prominent Personality category were, among others, professor Danuta Hubner, Ewa Błaszczyk, Aneta Kręglicka, Beata Pawlikowska, Jacek Rozenek, Grażyna Wolszczak, Dorota Rabczewska, Martyna Wojciechowska and many others. In current editions of the competition there are also men awarded who inspire women to start their own business activity.

Award for Christine Granville, founded by Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz

This year’s edition of the gala took place on 11th June 2021 at Airport Okęcie Hotel in Warsaw. The statue was awarded to the founder of Christine Granville brand, Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz, businesswoman and women’s mentor, successful in international environment. For years she’s been committed to all kinds of charity activities and mentoring programs thanks to which she helps other women and shares her knowledge.

Proper maintenance = long service life

Proper cleaning can ensure great appearance and long-lasting functionality of the watch. This element should be taken care of on a regular basis. However, the choice of agents depends mostly on the type of the strap. It’s equally important to clean the casing as well as the glass. Obviously, you can have it all done by the watchmaker but that involves additional costs. It’s not too difficult or time-consuming an activity, so you can easily do it by yourself.

What to clean the watch with?

Refreshing your watch should begin with taking off the strap. If you don’t know how to do it, you can look for the answer in the internet as it’s full of guidebooks and instructions. Next, you need to take care of the casing and it’s best to wipe it delicately with a damp cloth. Special care should be taken in the case of watches which are not waterproof.

How to clean the strap?

If you want to maintain the beauty of your strap, you need to take good care of it. Metal straps get darker with time and lose their former glory.You can use a pressure washer if you have one. Alternatively, you can use a toothpaste, a soft brush and a cloth. Daily maintenance can be carried out with a damp cloth only. Leather straps are very comfortable, look beautiful but need to be properly secured. Your new decoration should be impregnated with special leather cleaning agents, which will efficiently prolong its service life. Leather decoration should be cleaned with a cloth which you can dampen a bit with water and a little soft cleaning agent. The strap, especially in summer, can be loosened to minimize perspiration in the area where you wear it. Plastic straps are the easiest to maintain, as you can clean them under water.

Vegan watch straps

Eco details are becoming more nad more popular. You can find many vegan watches, among others:

  • Wooden ones,
  • With recycled straps,
  • With vegan apple straps.

Watches made of wood should be wiped with a dry and delicate cloth and then wiped with a damp one. To remove impurities from hard-to-reach places you can use a soft brush or a cotton bud.

Watches with recycled straps should be wiped on a regular basis. To do this, you can use, for instance, wet wipes for babies.

Apple straps is a novelty offered by the Christine Granville brand. They are made of apple pomace and resinous material. Vegan straps do not require special care. Refreshing them involves wiping the strap with a delicate cloth and, in the case of bigger dirt, the cloth can be a bit dampened.

A stylish piece of accessory which you should wear

Next to a purse, shoes and sunglasses, a watch is a detail which brings out your outfit. It’s a decoration which has been treated as a piece of jewelry for years. When well matched, it can give expression to your look. Pantone Institute, which forecasts global color trends, indicated that 2021 will be a year of two colors: illuminating yellow and ultimate gray. It means classic yellow color and workshop grey. It’s a universal combination which can be worn in many variations. However, these are not the only colors which can be seen on catwalks, in stores and in streets this summer. Stylists also suggest choosing pastels or neons. Currently, there are a couple of fashionable colors:

  • blue,
  • white,
  • pink,
  • orange,
  • neon pink and green, best when combined.

A watch for summer in a fashionable color is a perfect solution. If you decide on a colorful gadget, you can jazz up your outfit, give it a bit of freshness and expression.

Women’s watches for summer and for many years more

During the warmest season of the year, we spend more time outside, go on vacation, so it’s important to have comfortable, practical and stylish elements of decoration. Women who appreciate classics will surely like a watch with a black or white strap, while a bit bolder persons can consider red or dark blue colors. For those who feel good in pastels, we recommend watches in more delicate shades such as pink or blue. In the hottest season of the year you can run wild – go for fashionable yellow, conspicuous blue or juicy orange.

If you have a watch with replaceable straps which are available in different colors, you can play with your outfits. Such an element of decoration allows a quick change depending on your mood or occasion. It’s worth bearing in mind that watch straps should be made of durable, delicate and natural materials. During a heatwave, leather details prove to be a great solution as well as vegan straps, made of apple skin, which are delicate but durable. Such eco details are a combination of classics, best quality, most fashionable trends and care for environment. Christine Granville brand offers fashionable women’s watches which you will wear for years.

Moderation and timeless classics – the color of the watch strap

One of the basic rules of choosing a strap is matching it with the case or the dial. Traditionalists are supporters of black color with a steel case and brown color with the gold one. The color of the strap can be also matched with shoes or a purse. However, for years the watch owners have been breaking these rules and combining different elements more and more boldly, thanks to which unique looks, often matching particular occasions, have been made.

The strap of the watch vs the occasion

As always, classics rule. The most universal and timeless color is black. Such a choice will surely be multifunctional and will prove to be useful:

  • At the office,
  • During your night out,
  • In your free time.

Black matches anything, hence its universal character. For those who appreciate classics, a brown strap is a good choice as well. It tones in with warm colors of different outfits. It’s also a practical choice because the watch on a brown strap can be worn with almost anything. Another color, a bit more expressive but which still belongs to classics is dark blue. It’s a very stylish color which will bring out not only business, but also everyday look.

Chic and elegance – the shades of red

Straps in the shades of red are glamorous and can be a chic decoration of a female wrist. It’s a choice for women who do not have to comply with strict dress code rules at work. Red tones in fantastically with different colors such as black, dark blue, gold, grey, silver – this is why such a detail can be matched with many outfits. Additionally, it’s a classic color which has always been in vogue so there’s no risk of it becoming passe after any season.

Sense and sensibility – pastel color of the watch strap

Pink and white straps are a suggestion for those women who like subtle decorations. A pastel strap combined with a white dial makes a detail delicate.

A little madness – more conspicuous colors

More conspicuous colors with your watch, such as yellow, blue, orange, are a good idea to enliven your look. They will be a perfect complement of spring and summer outfits. Bright colors give your look more energy, expression and bring it out.

Watch straps

However, it’s not only color but also the type of the watch strap that matters. Naturally, it doesn’t have to match both the case and the size of the wrist. The size of the watch strap has to be chosen individually. There are wider and narrower models on the market, plus a double strap is also an interesting option to consider.

Types of watch straps:

  • Leather,
  • metal,
  • Plastic,
  • vegan.

The most classic ones are leather straps which are available in different colors and can have different texture: smooth, made of alligator, ostrich, wale or even ray leather.

Metal bracelets are also made in many patterns and sizes, can be more decorative or plain simple or can look like jewelry.

Plastic straps are available in a countless number of colors. They prove to be most useful in sports watches.

A novelty on the market are vegan straps offered by the Christine Granville brand and are made of apple skin and resin components. They resemble leather both when it comes to texture and durability. They are available in a couple of colors, among other: yellow, blue, white and red.

While choosing the type of the watch, you have to consider the following aspects: what colors we like, what outfits we choose, where we want to wear a watch. The perfect solution is a watch with replaceable straps, which will allow you to match your decoration with outfits, mood, current trends and occasion.

A watch is not just an ordinary element of decoration

For a long time a watch has not been just a tool to measure time. A rich offer and availability on the market make it almost a piece of jewelry for many women. And as you know there’s no such thing as too much accessorize or detail. The truth is that while choosing a watch, many women don’t pay attention to technical parameters, movement or what the glass of the dial is made of and how durable it is. What is often a decisive aspect is the look and whether this detail will match the style and the wardrobe of the owner.

So how to choose the perfect watch?

Before you decide to buy a watch, it’s worth considering a few aspects:

  • Whether it’s the first or the second watch,
  • What dressing style I choose or a future owner prefers,
  • Whether we’re active or the future owner likes sport,
  • Whether the watch is supposed to fulfill some additional functions,
  • What budget we have.

Types of watches

Although we often attach most significance to the look of this detail, it’s worth taking a closer look to its construction and functionality. Best selling watches are most often equipped with the following movements:

  • Quartz,
  • Mechanical, manual or self-winding.

Another part which can be checked before purchasing is the dial’s glass which can be:

  • Mineral – the most popular one,
  • Sapphire – more durable one.

How to match the watch with the outfit

The look of the watch which will be used on a daily basis depends on the character of our job. There’s often dress code required at offices and there’s no room for folly. Individuals who don’t need to fall into line in terms of the dresscode should match the watch to their style, color preference and the size. A too small watch will be invisible on a wrist and will lose its charm, while a too big one will be bothering.

A stylish element for a night out, a party or a concert can be more fancy. What’s important is not to wear too much jewelry if you decide to wear a richer detail in order not to go overboard.

The choice of the watch as a complement of the style

Matching the watch to the sufit can be fun. It sometimes can blend in with the outfit and sometimes can be the only conspicuous element. What color of the strap should we choose? It all depends on our style and the number of watches we have. Black is the most classic and elegant but we can get bored with it. That’s why, especially for ladies, a perfect solution is the possibility of changing the elements of the watch such as changing the color of the leather strap or wear a bracelet strap instead. Such a quick „lifting” gives a lot of joy and plenty of possibilities of the outfit. How to choose the color of the dial? Here the choice of white color will be the most classic, black will give character and other colors – for instance dark blue – will give expression.

Woman is fickle, so before choosing a unique women’s watch, it’s worth going to Christine Granville’s website. The products offered have an elegant, classic style and replaceable elements. The brand offers leather band in multiple colors, bracelets and even vegan straps.

Unique women’s watch – Krystyna Skarbek

Krystyna Skarbek was a secret agent of British intelligence who used an alias Christine Granville. It was her who became an inspiration to create a brand of watches of the same name. Krystyna Skarbek was a non-trivial woman. Beautiful, intelligent, strong and independent. It was a personality that could not disappear in the crowd. And this is what the watches named after her are like. They are also:

  • classically beautiful
  • Breathtaking
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • In a good style
  • Long-lasting

Vegan bands

A unique women’s watch doesn’t have to made of classic materials. Naturally, Christine Granville offers watches with bands made of top quality leather but in addition it proposes something brand new to its clients. What makes it innovative are watch bands made of apple skin. These are vegan products, manufactured with no harm to animals. Thanks to it they fit into and set modern trends.

Classic form

Christine Granville relies on a classic form. A rectangular dial is delicate and feminine. It fits most outfits and highlights their elegance. The classic form delights with its simple design which never gets old and never stops being in vogue. Clear colors are an interesting and stylish complement of one’s wardrobe. Christine Granville proves that elegant watches don’t have to be black or brown. The brand offers different shades of red, orange and blue which will look great with muted colors of clothes and which will liven up outfits.

Support for women

It’s worth bearing in mind and emphasizing that the Christine Granville brand supports bold and ambitious women who try their hand in business. This is how the brand carries out its mission started by Krystyna Skarbek. Just as she helped people as a secret agent, the brand named after her alias also supports women who spread Skarbek’s values. By purchasing this brand’s products, you can contribute to their support.

Women’s watches – what should you bear in mind while choosing the right one?

While choosing the right watch, we should focus, first and foremost, on its mechanism. We can distinguish mechanical and quartz women’s watches. Watches can be divided into two basic groups: mechanical, quartz and manual or automatic winding.

Another important aspect is the choice of glass. It can be sapphire or mineral. In women’s watches the one used most frequently is the mineral glass. However, it’s worth choosing a sapphire glass women’s watch as it’s characterized by greater resistance to scratch.

Another equally important element, which you should pay attention to while considering which watch to choose for a woman, is its size. If we want an elegant one, we should remember that the watch should fit under the cuff of a shirt or a jacket.

The last significant aspect is the weight of the watch. If we decide on a model with a bracelet, we have to have consideration for the fact that it will be heavier than watches with leather bands which are much lighter.

Christine Granville Women’s watches – elegance above all

If you’re thinking about which watch will be a good choice – you definitely need to check out our offer. It’s full of classic watches which are gaining on popularity.

Our watches can be easily adapted to many outfits. Moreover, they’ll be a perfect decoration of a female wrist. If you’re a businesswoman and often wear a shirt, jacket or dress, CG women’s watches are perfect for you.

Choose our apple skin bands!

It’s worth mentioning that the Christine Granville collection also consists of apple skin bands. It’s an extremely durable product and, at the same time, an innovative solution which meets the needs of vegan clients. An apple skin band is a great choice for years.

In our offer you will also find classic bands in different colors, thanks to which any woman will be able to choose something for herself. You find it hard to make a decision? No problem! Our bands can be exchanged so you can change the colors depending on your preferences or outfits.

We invite you to get to know our offer in detail.


Krystyna Skarbek – the beginning of her history

What shaped such a charismatic woman which Krystyna Skarbek was? She was born at the beginning of the 20. century in a family of great wealth which belonged to her mother. Due to her Jewish origins her childhood wasn’t easy. She felt alienated by her countrymen. It taught Krystyna how to fight for herself and break conventions. She did everything her way. From the very beginning she made her own and conscious choices. When, as a young girl, she set fire to a priest’s cassock to check how strong his faith was, nobody could expect that in future she would change the course of history.

Krystyna Skarbek, however, was too ambitious to be labeled a brawler. She learned to speak French fluently, she also spoke English and Latin. She learned horse riding, skiing and mountain climbing quickly. She was not only sporty and intelligent but also beautiful. Conscious of herself and brave, she attracted men. She always knew, however, that the beauty of the mind is more important that the one of the body.

From Krystyna into Christine

When the world war II broke out, instead of open fight, Krystyna chose to act in secret using her numerous contacts. She became an agent of a secret British government organization SOE. Although her task was to support the resistance movement in Europe during the world war II, Krystyna Skarbek had to show her temperament. While issuing new documents, she decided to rejuvenate herself by 7 years and had the date 1915, not 1908 written in her birth certificate. This is who she was – nonchalant and independent. From that moment, she began to act under a code name Christine Granville. She began her corporate work in Budapest where she introduced herself as a journalist. She was a woman of many faces. She proved to be courageous and smart when she took a conspiratorial Tatra mountain trail through Slovakia to occupied Poland. It was she who organized mountain crossing as she knew those terrains well. It was, among others, thanks to her that Polish detainees from Hungarian camps were able to escape to serve in Polish armed forces in the West.

She saved her life and the lives of others thanks to her extraordinary imagination. During the trooping of Chech officers between Hungary and Yugoslavia the car of conspirators broke down. They were checked by a German patrol and thus were in danger of being arrested, but Krystyna without a second thought showed false documents. Her charm worked so much that she persuaded the Germans to help them push the car through the border. Throughout all her life Christine Granville used her femininity in an intelligent way, disarming the caution of men working for hostile forces.

Krystyna Skarbek as an agent who cannot be caught

Krystyna outsmarted even gestapo officers because she unceasingly turned her weaknesses into power. In 1941 she w as arrested in her apartment in Budapest. The hearing lasted a couple of hours. The smart agent worked out a plan how to escape unhurt. She bit her tongue and coughed with blood. She lied when she said she had advanced tuberculosis and that those were the last days of her life. Terrified officers sent her to be examined. Indeed, a German doctor noticed lesions in her lungs. Krystyna Skarbek foresaw this as they were mild damage after an illness which she came down with during her work in a Warsaw factory of Fiat. Afraid to be infected, the gestapo officers released her and agent Andrzej Kowerski from custody. Krystyna Skarbek’s missions resembled a movie scenario more than once.

Christine Granville was a very precious secret agent for Great Britain. It was her, a charismatic woman coming from a small town, who influenced the history of Europe. During her stay in Poland, Krystyna Skarbek got hold of the documents with the day of the Nazi invasion on USRR. She passed them on to the Brits and that influenced the delay of the German Barbarossa operation which was the beginning of the end of world war II. No wonder Winston Churchill, who set up SOE, called the Pole his favorite agent. Krystyna Skarbek ended her military service in Cairo, where in 1945 she was demobilized.

Christina Granville led a double life but never forgot her family. Not only was she strong but also sensitive. During the war she came back to Warsaw to rescue her mother and persuade her to escape. Unfortunately, this was the mission Krystyna Skarbek failed to carry out. Her mother decided to stay in the country. Stefania Skarbek died in the Warsaw ghetto.

Christine as an inspiration in Bond’s movies

Krystyna Skarbek was an extraordinary woman for her époque. Today her secrets are hidden in the files of the British Intelligence. But actually the files can’t show her full story either, because this was her nature. Krystyna Skarbek broke the rules, she lived according to her in accord with her own principles until the end. What was she really like? Inspiring for sure. A British writer, Ian Fleming, fascinated by the acquaintance with the agent, most probably based his character, Vesper Lynd, the first Bond’s girl, on her. Maybe the very James Bond was created thanks to Krystyna Skarbek? It’s one of the questions which Churchill’s agent for special assignments will never answer. But today you can decide whether you want to be like Christine Granville and start changing the world.

Watches for classy women – choose a model for yourself

Thanks to experience and professionalism, we’re able to offer watches „classic” made of top quality materials. Here you’ll find both products on a band and on a bracelet.

Watches for classy women available in our offer will fit perfectly both a white shirt and a casual style. So if you need a watch which not only tells the time but will also be a perfect complement of an outfit, choose one of our models.

It’s worth mentioning that regardless of whether you’re interested in watches for women in their 40. or
a watch for a young lady, you’ll surely find here something living up to your personal needs.

Be always on time with a Christine Granville watch

A watch is definitely an inseparable element of business dress code. During conferences or business meetings, the first impression plays a key role. Although one should not judge the book by its cover, our mind forms an opinion about a given person in the first few seconds. In this case, watches „classic” are an elegant accessory which will be a great accent complementing any look. Women wearing a stylish watch on their hand are associated with:

  • Good organization skills,
  • Diligence,
  • Caring about their time .

On a band or a bracelet?

Watches for classy women should correspond with their character, taste or fashion style. Thus, the choice of a band matters too. Our products look equally elegantly on a band and on a bracelet.

If you care about the elegance, choose a watch on a band. Our watches are made of light, soft and elastic materials which make them incredibly comfortable to wear. What’s more, you can change the bands easily in each watch – you can thus create one watch in different variations and adapt it to any look.

If you, on the other hand, care about durability, choose a watch on a bracelet. It will surely last longer than a band. Additionally, bracelets are very durable so it will be a perfect solution for active women.

The final choice of a watch needs to be analyzed according to one’s own preferences. We encourage you to get to know our offer in detail – we’re sure you’ll find a perfect model for yourself.

Elegance and functionality combined

A watch as a gift for a woman is a great solution. Why? Not only does it measure the time, but also is a perfect accessory for any look. Being a decoration of an outfit, it can be treated as an element of jewelry. Watches available in our online shop fit perfectly bracelets, earrings or a necklace. So if you are looking for something stylish and, at the same time, practical, choose a watch available in our offer as a gift. A wide choice of bands or dials will surely allow matching a model of your choice with individual needs of a recipient.

Christine Granville watches – a high quality of the product

Our offer includes unique watches whose design is inspired by fashion of the 20. and the 30. Original style, lightness which can be noticed at first glance and attention to detail – these are the qualities which make our watch collection outstanding. We combined an extraordinary design with the highest quality thanks to the use of the best materials. A Christine Granville watch will surely become your favorite accessory both in casual and in business looks.

The collection of our watches proves that beauty lies in simplicity. A watch as a gift from our collection will undoubtedly appeal to classy and exceptionally stylish women. It’s worth adding that there is a possibility of changing the bands in our watches, which makes them unique.

We guarantee that a fashionable and functional watch from our collection given as a present will make any woman smile.

Buy and support

We need to mention that by purchasing a top quality watch, you support the professional community of women. How? 8 zloty from the purchase of each watch will be donated to the foundation supporting the development of women.

A watch as a gift – remember about a proper packaging

All watches available in our offer are equipped with a special case. However, if you want to give a watch as a gift, it’s worth packaging in a wrapping paper and bind it with a colorful ribbon. This way you’ll prepare a surprise gift which won’t show its contents until the unboxing. Packing a present, you can’t forget to take off a price tag off the watch and to hide the receipt. It will allow you to use the right of complaint without showing the price of the watch.

Our watches are a great idea for a gift for any woman for different occasions. We invite you to get to know our offer – we guarantee that you’ll find there a perfect watch for any woman.

Modern fashion is becoming responsible fashion, made without harm to environment. Clothes and vegan accessories are consistent with this trend as they are made of other materials, not the ones of animal origin. Instead of wool, leather or silk, plant substitutes are being used more frequently such as apple or pineapple leather. The very apple leather watch bands are Christine Granville brand’s idea.

Apple leather bands – what does it involve?

According to the data presented during Prognosfruit conference this year, apple harvesting in Poland in 2020 will account for 3.4 million tons. At the same time, around 90% apple waste is pomace, including fruit skin. There is a way to give them a second life.

During production process, apple skin is mixed with resin-based substances. Next, the dough is shaped, dried and conserved. It turns out that thanks to such a process a leather-like material is made. Delicate and sensuous, which does not distort. Vegan apple bands are durable, resistant to damage and, above all, recyclable. It means that after use the material can be reused to produce other products. Moreover, apple bands are 100% biodegradable. The ratio is thus simple – the waste which would have to be utilized, can be reprocessed numerous times. With no harm to the environment.

Timeless classic in a vegan style

Apple bands are, on one hand, an alternative for people who see eco products, but on the other hand, who care about the quality and the design. Gallantry in veggie style combines these expectations. Christine Granville watches with vegan bands are, on one hand, modernity and meeting new trends, and on the other timeless classic closed in a rectangular dial with sapphire glass casing.

Such a watch is not only functional but also complements an elegant dress or is an addition to a business look. It can also be a perfect accessory in a casual stylization.