How to match the watch strap with the watch?

A watch is an indispensable detail of any stylish woman. It’s not only a useful accessory, but also a piece of decoration which stylishly embellishes female wrists. You can choose between shapes, colors, sizes of dials and bands. Anything is permitted in design, but does everything  behoove or does everything fit? When will it be best to wear a romantic pink strap, fiery red, sunny yellow and when to wear classic black or dark blue? We’ll give you a few tips on how to choose the color of a strap.

Moderation and timeless classics – the color of the watch strap

One of the basic rules of choosing a strap is matching it with the case or the dial. Traditionalists are supporters of black color with a steel case and brown color with the gold one. The color of the strap can be also matched with shoes or a purse. However, for years the watch owners have been breaking these rules and combining different elements more and more boldly, thanks to which unique looks, often matching particular occasions, have been made.

The strap of the watch vs the occasion

As always, classics rule. The most universal and timeless color is black. Such a choice will surely be multifunctional and will prove to be useful:

  • At the office,
  • During your night out,
  • In your free time.

Black matches anything, hence its universal character. For those who appreciate classics, a brown strap is a good choice as well. It tones in with warm colors of different outfits. It’s also a practical choice because the watch on a brown strap can be worn with almost anything. Another color, a bit more expressive but which still belongs to classics is dark blue. It’s a very stylish color which will bring out not only business, but also everyday look.

Chic and elegance – the shades of red

Straps in the shades of red are glamorous and can be a chic decoration of a female wrist. It’s a choice for women who do not have to comply with strict dress code rules at work. Red tones in fantastically with different colors such as black, dark blue, gold, grey, silver – this is why such a detail can be matched with many outfits. Additionally, it’s a classic color which has always been in vogue so there’s no risk of it becoming passe after any season.

Sense and sensibility – pastel color of the watch strap

Pink and white straps are a suggestion for those women who like subtle decorations. A pastel strap combined with a white dial makes a detail delicate.

A little madness – more conspicuous colors

More conspicuous colors with your watch, such as yellow, blue, orange, are a good idea to enliven your look. They will be a perfect complement of spring and summer outfits. Bright colors give your look more energy, expression and bring it out.

Watch straps

However, it’s not only color but also the type of the watch strap that matters. Naturally, it doesn’t have to match both the case and the size of the wrist. The size of the watch strap has to be chosen individually. There are wider and narrower models on the market, plus a double strap is also an interesting option to consider.

Types of watch straps:

  • Leather,
  • metal,
  • Plastic,
  • vegan.

The most classic ones are leather straps which are available in different colors and can have different texture: smooth, made of alligator, ostrich, wale or even ray leather.

Metal bracelets are also made in many patterns and sizes, can be more decorative or plain simple or can look like jewelry.

Plastic straps are available in a countless number of colors. They prove to be most useful in sports watches.

A novelty on the market are vegan straps offered by the Christine Granville brand and are made of apple skin and resin components. They resemble leather both when it comes to texture and durability. They are available in a couple of colors, among other: yellow, blue, white and red.

While choosing the type of the watch, you have to consider the following aspects: what colors we like, what outfits we choose, where we want to wear a watch. The perfect solution is a watch with replaceable straps, which will allow you to match your decoration with outfits, mood, current trends and occasion.

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