How to match the watch to the clothes so that it’s useful and elegant?

A women’s watch is something more than just an ordinary element of decoration. It’s a symbol of style. A well-matched one will bring out the character of any look. What should we remember while choosing the right watch? We’ll give you a few tips.

A watch is not just an ordinary element of decoration

For a long time a watch has not been just a tool to measure time. A rich offer and availability on the market make it almost a piece of jewelry for many women. And as you know there’s no such thing as too much accessorize or detail. The truth is that while choosing a watch, many women don’t pay attention to technical parameters, movement or what the glass of the dial is made of and how durable it is. What is often a decisive aspect is the look and whether this detail will match the style and the wardrobe of the owner.

So how to choose the perfect watch?

Before you decide to buy a watch, it’s worth considering a few aspects:

  • Whether it’s the first or the second watch,
  • What dressing style I choose or a future owner prefers,
  • Whether we’re active or the future owner likes sport,
  • Whether the watch is supposed to fulfill some additional functions,
  • What budget we have.

Types of watches

Although we often attach most significance to the look of this detail, it’s worth taking a closer look to its construction and functionality. Best selling watches are most often equipped with the following movements:

  • Quartz,
  • Mechanical, manual or self-winding.

Another part which can be checked before purchasing is the dial’s glass which can be:

  • Mineral – the most popular one,
  • Sapphire – more durable one.

How to match the watch with the outfit

The look of the watch which will be used on a daily basis depends on the character of our job. There’s often dress code required at offices and there’s no room for folly. Individuals who don’t need to fall into line in terms of the dresscode should match the watch to their style, color preference and the size. A too small watch will be invisible on a wrist and will lose its charm, while a too big one will be bothering.

A stylish element for a night out, a party or a concert can be more fancy. What’s important is not to wear too much jewelry if you decide to wear a richer detail in order not to go overboard.

The choice of the watch as a complement of the style

Matching the watch to the sufit can be fun. It sometimes can blend in with the outfit and sometimes can be the only conspicuous element. What color of the strap should we choose? It all depends on our style and the number of watches we have. Black is the most classic and elegant but we can get bored with it. That’s why, especially for ladies, a perfect solution is the possibility of changing the elements of the watch such as changing the color of the leather strap or wear a bracelet strap instead. Such a quick „lifting” gives a lot of joy and plenty of possibilities of the outfit. How to choose the color of the dial? Here the choice of white color will be the most classic, black will give character and other colors – for instance dark blue – will give expression.

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