Information about the product – Christine Granville

Information about the product


What materials were used to produce Christine Granville watches?

The product is made of highest quality materials. The Christine Granville watches were made of genuine Italian leather. There is also a Japanese mechanism Miyota GL10. Their durability is guaranteed by sapphire glass in the dial’s casing which was made of type 316 L stainless steel.

Can bands be changed easily?

Yes, you can change them easily, but only in the case of leather bands, bracelets in a steel watch cannot be changed by a leather one. Ordering a watch, you can choose between three available colors of the dial: white, black and blue. You can’t order only the dial of the watch though.

What is the cost of the watches?

Watch with a long band: PLN 860
Watch with a short band: PLN 800
Metal watch: PLN 800

What is the cost of the bands?

Short band: PLN 159
Long band: PLN 189

Where are Christine Granville watches produced?

Each element of the watch comes from Europe (such as, for instance, Italian leather). The watches are assembled in Poland.

What colors are the dials?

The dials come in three colors: black, blue and white.

How many bands are available?

We offer seventeen leather band colors and one watch with a steel bracelet.

Can the length of the band/bracelet be easily regulated? Can you shorten the band length?

A steel bracelet can be easily shortened by a watchmaker. Leather bands have seven eyelets so they can be easily regulated. Details of the band’s sizes are available on the website of our online shop: You can also have your band made in whichever size you wish: this will take from two to three weeks.

Are watches waterproof?

Yes, the watches are waterproof, up to 10 metres.

What’s the battery life in a watch?

The battery life is around 2 years.

What does the process of making leather out of apples look like?

Apple leather is made of fibers from industrial processing of apples. The process involves recycling waste from industrial apple juice production (skin, stalk, all apple waste). The waste is recycled into apple powder which is later dried. Thanks to this process, we can economize on the cost of waste management and do no harm to the environment. Natural waste is used in a product to replace other chemical raw materials, thus reducing emissions and the use of energy in the whole chain of production.

What are the colors of apple leather bands?

The bands are available in the following colors: red, yellow, blue and white.

Is apple leather produced in Poland?

No, apple leather is produced in one of Italian companies specializing in industrial apple waste processing. The company uses biological industrial remains from the production.

What is the cost of the apple leather watches?

Apple leather watches’s price is PLN 859.