The watch as a perfect gift

Women’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas - these celebrations are always associated with the search of a perfect gift. Who wouldn’t want to find something which will stay in the heart of the recipient for long? But what should we choose? What can be a good solution, is undoubtedly a watch which is a combination of functionality with an attractive look. Our watches will be a perfect gift for mother, daughter, wife, grandmother or friend.

Elegance and functionality combined

A watch as a gift for a woman is a great solution. Why? Not only does it measure the time, but also is a perfect accessory for any look. Being a decoration of an outfit, it can be treated as an element of jewelry. Watches available in our online shop fit perfectly bracelets, earrings or a necklace. So if you are looking for something stylish and, at the same time, practical, choose a watch available in our offer as a gift. A wide choice of bands or dials will surely allow matching a model of your choice with individual needs of a recipient.

Christine Granville watches – a high quality of the product

Our offer includes unique watches whose design is inspired by fashion of the 20. and the 30. Original style, lightness which can be noticed at first glance and attention to detail – these are the qualities which make our watch collection outstanding. We combined an extraordinary design with the highest quality thanks to the use of the best materials. A Christine Granville watch will surely become your favorite accessory both in casual and in business looks.

The collection of our watches proves that beauty lies in simplicity. A watch as a gift from our collection will undoubtedly appeal to classy and exceptionally stylish women. It’s worth adding that there is a possibility of changing the bands in our watches, which makes them unique.

We guarantee that a fashionable and functional watch from our collection given as a present will make any woman smile.

Buy and support

We need to mention that by purchasing a top quality watch, you support the professional community of women. How? 8 zloty from the purchase of each watch will be donated to the foundation supporting the development of women.

A watch as a gift – remember about a proper packaging

All watches available in our offer are equipped with a special case. However, if you want to give a watch as a gift, it’s worth packaging in a wrapping paper and bind it with a colorful ribbon. This way you’ll prepare a surprise gift which won’t show its contents until the unboxing. Packing a present, you can’t forget to take off a price tag off the watch and to hide the receipt. It will allow you to use the right of complaint without showing the price of the watch.

Our watches are a great idea for a gift for any woman for different occasions. We invite you to get to know our offer – we guarantee that you’ll find there a perfect watch for any woman.

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