Unique Christine Granville women’s watch

There are brands which stand out among others. It’s these brands that set trends which competitors try to copy with varying degrees of success. In the case of women’s watches it’s Christine Granville that sets new trends. What’s behind its success? Why has the unique women’s watch of this brand become a hot item and why is it this brand that sets a course for women who love fashion?

Unique women’s watch – Krystyna Skarbek

Krystyna Skarbek was a secret agent of British intelligence who used an alias Christine Granville. It was her who became an inspiration to create a brand of watches of the same name. Krystyna Skarbek was a non-trivial woman. Beautiful, intelligent, strong and independent. It was a personality that could not disappear in the crowd. And this is what the watches named after her are like. They are also:

  • classically beautiful
  • Breathtaking
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • In a good style
  • Long-lasting

Vegan bands

A unique women’s watch doesn’t have to made of classic materials. Naturally, Christine Granville offers watches with bands made of top quality leather but in addition it proposes something brand new to its clients. What makes it innovative are watch bands made of apple skin. These are vegan products, manufactured with no harm to animals. Thanks to it they fit into and set modern trends.

Classic form

Christine Granville relies on a classic form. A rectangular dial is delicate and feminine. It fits most outfits and highlights their elegance. The classic form delights with its simple design which never gets old and never stops being in vogue. Clear colors are an interesting and stylish complement of one’s wardrobe. Christine Granville proves that elegant watches don’t have to be black or brown. The brand offers different shades of red, orange and blue which will look great with muted colors of clothes and which will liven up outfits.

Support for women

It’s worth bearing in mind and emphasizing that the Christine Granville brand supports bold and ambitious women who try their hand in business. This is how the brand carries out its mission started by Krystyna Skarbek. Just as she helped people as a secret agent, the brand named after her alias also supports women who spread Skarbek’s values. By purchasing this brand’s products, you can contribute to their support.

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