What to pay attention to while purchasing a watch?

First and foremost - you have to like the watch. What else, apart from design, should we take into consideration before purchasing? Here are our suggestions.

Purchasing a watch – what is relevant

A watch, especially a women’s one, is a complement of individual style, therefore it needs to meet woman’s taste. However, looks are not everything. Its size is of high importance – the size should match the physique of a woman. Too big a watch will not look nice on a small wrist. In turn, too small will be invisible on a bigger hand. A strap is equally important and needs to be durable and comfortable. Simple adjustment and flexibility make the watch pleasant to wear. There are a lot of types of straps available on the market and they’re made of different materials. The ones which work well are:

  • leather straps,
  • metal bracelets,
  • vegan apple straps.

Leather details are pleasant to the touch, fit the wrist perfectly and look very elegant. Christine Granville brand has straps in two lengths. What is particularly interesting is the version which doubly entangles women’s wrist, which looks like a piece of jewelry. Metal bracelets are practical and durable, and fit any outfit.

An innovative alternative can be a vegan strap made of apples which resembles leather in touch. Vegan details are extremely durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and can be reprocessed.

Christine Granville straps are available in many colors. From classic black, through elegant dark blue, juicy red, to soft pastels. It’s very easy to replace the strap, thanks to which you can change the look of your watch in the blink of an eye.

Reliable movement for years

The movement of the watch is of key importance. It’s its heart – and is in charge of precise time-keeping. Currently, on the market you can find the following watches:

  • mechanical with manual, automatic and solar tension
  • quartz

Mechanical ones relate to watchmaking but require winding or permanent wearing. Watches with quartz movement are powered by a battery which lasts for a couple of years. Christine Granville watches are equipped with reliable Japanese Miyota movement of high precision and extraordinary durability.

Purchasing a watch which will stand the test of time.

While considering purchasing a watch, it’s worth taking a closer look at the case and the glass of the dial. Their durability is hidden in the materials used. Experts underline that it’s important not to invest in models which are, for instance, silvered or gold-plated, as such a coating will, sooner or later, wear off. It’s better to choose, for example, a steel case which is extremely durable. Another element is the glass of the dial which can be:

  • sapphire,
  • synthetic,
  • mineral.

The most durable and scratch-resistant is sapphire glass.

Another important factor is water resistance as it allows prolonging the lifespan of the watch. It doesn’t have to be taken off while washing your hands and while taking a batch. Elegant Christine Granville women’s watches are 10 meters waterproof.

For a lot of people purchasing a watch is an important issue. There are a lot of models available on the market, so it can be hard to choose one. Apart from appearances and the quality, a significant factor is the warranty on the watch which normally is minimum 2 years. It’s worth asking about the battery life which should also last at least 24 months.

While purchasing your watch, it’s important to take into consideration all aspects mentioned above, as the purchase of a watch is an investment for years.

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