Women’s watches for summer

Summer outfits are more colorful, ethereal, feminine. During the warmest season of the year, we all want to look fashionable and feel comfortable. In summer we also change our accessories which complement our outfit. What should women’s watches look like?

A stylish piece of accessory which you should wear

Next to a purse, shoes and sunglasses, a watch is a detail which brings out your outfit. It’s a decoration which has been treated as a piece of jewelry for years. When well matched, it can give expression to your look. Pantone Institute, which forecasts global color trends, indicated that 2021 will be a year of two colors: illuminating yellow and ultimate gray. It means classic yellow color and workshop grey. It’s a universal combination which can be worn in many variations. However, these are not the only colors which can be seen on catwalks, in stores and in streets this summer. Stylists also suggest choosing pastels or neons. Currently, there are a couple of fashionable colors:

  • blue,
  • white,
  • pink,
  • orange,
  • neon pink and green, best when combined.

A watch for summer in a fashionable color is a perfect solution. If you decide on a colorful gadget, you can jazz up your outfit, give it a bit of freshness and expression.

Women’s watches for summer and for many years more

During the warmest season of the year, we spend more time outside, go on vacation, so it’s important to have comfortable, practical and stylish elements of decoration. Women who appreciate classics will surely like a watch with a black or white strap, while a bit bolder persons can consider red or dark blue colors. For those who feel good in pastels, we recommend watches in more delicate shades such as pink or blue. In the hottest season of the year you can run wild – go for fashionable yellow, conspicuous blue or juicy orange.

If you have a watch with replaceable straps which are available in different colors, you can play with your outfits. Such an element of decoration allows a quick change depending on your mood or occasion. It’s worth bearing in mind that watch straps should be made of durable, delicate and natural materials. During a heatwave, leather details prove to be a great solution as well as vegan straps, made of apple skin, which are delicate but durable. Such eco details are a combination of classics, best quality, most fashionable trends and care for environment. Christine Granville brand offers fashionable women’s watches which you will wear for years.

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