Women’s watches with a rectangular dial

Women’s watches with a rectangular dial from Christine Granville are a combination of modernity and timeless solutions. They symbolize strength, style and constant development of women. A wide availability of different models allows choosing your perfect piece of accessory on your wrist – both with a leather strap and a silver bracelet.

Women’s watches with a rectangular dial by Christine Granville – a fashionable piece of accessory for any woman

Our watches are a synonym of quality. They are manufactured with the use of the best materials, which makes them useful and look incredibly for long years. Sapphire glass prevents the dial’s case from scratches, and 316L stainless steel used for the production of, among others, bracelets ensures durability and adds an elegant touch.

Let’s not forget about the Japanese Miyota movement which constitutes the basis of precise work of the watches in the offer of our store. Such features combined with rich assortment, which allows every woman to choose something for herself, make our brand stand out.

Women’s watches with a rectangular dial – timeless classics

Models of Christine Granville watches are classics which harmonize with the rhythm of the contemporary world. Timeless design will meet the expectations of even the most demanding women who are not afraid of pursuing their dreams. No wonder that our watches have gained recognition among the women of business.

The inspiration to create such stylish and resistant to mechanical damage products was a story of a Polish secret agent, Krystyna Skarbek. We even inserted her passport number as an expression of respect to this exceptional person. In turn, the appearance of our logo refers to her family coat of arms. Such solutions are supposed to symbolize women’s strength which we want to reinforce in different circles.

Women’s rectangular watches on a strap

A rectangular watch on a strap are not only a stylish decoration of the wrist, but also quite a big variety which allows women to change depending on the occasion.

What is a huge advantage is the possibility to change the strap, which allows you not only to change the look of the watch easily, but also to take care of the well-chosen range of accessories. Regardless of whether you plan a business meeting or a less official meeting with friends, you can adjust your watch to any occasion.

Our rectangular women’s watches are equipped with high quality straps which are made of:

  • Genuine Italian leather (the guarantee the comfort of wearing, are durable, have two lengths and the width of 16mm, are available in different color options, among others: black, brown, orange, blue and pink),
  • Apple skin (so-called vegan straps made according to the “zero waste” movement; are available in four color options – red, blue, white and yellow).

Women’s watches on a rectangular bracelet

A slightly more elegant touch of your outfit can be brought out by our women’s watches on a bracelet. They are made of stainless steel, which guarantees their durability and an elegant appearance. These products are available in three options: with a white, black or a blue dial. Thanks to such a wide choice, even such a classic piece of accessory can be fully adapted to your needs.

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