Watch – Christine Granville
  • CG Blue
  • CG White
  • CG Black
  • Plain Light Pink L Plain Light Pink L
  • Vegan Apple Blue L
  • Vegan Apple Cashmere L
  • Vegan Apple Ocean Blue L
  • Vegan Apple Red L
  • Vegan Apple White L
  • Vegan Apple Yellow L
  • Vegan Cactus Khaki L
  • Steel
  • Alligator Black S
  • Alligator Mahagony S
  • Alligator Special Blue S
  • Grain Black L
  • Grain Black S
  • Grain Cognac L
  • Grain Cognac S
  • Grain Ocean Blue L
  • Grain Ocean Blue S
  • Grain Orange L
  • Grain Ruby L
  • Grain Ruby S
  • Plain Black L
  • Plain Black S
  • Plain Honey L
  • Plain Honey S
  • Grain Orange S

CG White

with Vegan Apple Blue L

  • Face diameter 26mm x 21mm
  • Thickness 6mm
  • Strap width 16mm
  • Glass quality Sapphire
  • Display Analogical
  • Waterproof depth 10 meters

Elegance has many forms

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We donate part of profits to foundation supporting the development of women.

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